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Hello Everyone,

Although we may not know each other personally, we have a very special person in common, Arlene Carter. My name is Hope Ellison, and I am a close family friend to Tracey Carter Nicolai, Arlene Carter’s daughter. 

As you all know, this is a very tough time for Arlene who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma back in November.

Arlene is a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and member of her church, who now is in a fight for her life undergoing traditional treatment such as chemo, but she also has the opportunity to receive a stem cell transplant. This treatment will prayerfully result in a miracle. 

We can help her fight one aspect of this and that is to help relieve her of the enormous burden of what treatment costs, because as we all know, insurance does not cover it all, especially of this magnitude.  Further complicating these difficulties, her husband, Matt, has had Multiple Sclerosis for over 20 years. 

Many of you may want to help the family, but don’t know how; and having just lost my mom to cancer, I know how devastating and overwhelming this diagnosis is as it infects the whole family, and so that is why I put this site together. Her husband, Matt, is doing all he can, as are their daughters’, Tracey and Stefanie. 

While fighting the overwhelming visits to the doctors, the treatment, the travel, the fatigue, and the exhaustion physically, emotionally and mentally, they are at the same time being bombarded with many financial obstacles in regards to the medical treatments.  It is a lot to take in, as you can only imagine.  I know they would appreciate your help!  Every day we are faced with someone in need and we all want to help our fellow man, but this time, we have the rare opportunity to give to the one we love directly.  We can help her out now and make a difference Now!  Please help Arlene and her devoted husband Matt minimize the costs by making a donation to this wonderful woman. Please keep her and Matt in your prayers as they go through this process as Arlene’s receives this medical treatment which may be an answered prayer and a miracle for her Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. 

Please consider donating to help Arlene.  Even if you cannot contribute, please feel free to leave a prayer or warm thought on the message board; I will make sure that the family sees them. Most importantly, please share this link with others and help spread the word to get as many people involved as possible.

Thank you,

For I will restore HEALTH to you, and will HEAL your wounds, says the LORD...”  Jeremiah 30:17

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest. [I will ease and relieve and refresh your soul.]”...Matthew 11:28

For more information on Non-Hodgkin please visit:

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Please note: This is not tax-deductible. This is a direct monetary gift to Arlene. 

If you’d also like to make a contribution directly to the American Cancer Society In Honor of Arlene, please visit:  (though this will not directly help her financially at this time, but it may help find a cure in time for her and others)




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